Kmart goes all in
on mobile for the best holiday deals

Sales activation

Sales activation

15 November
Kmart is one of the latest retailers to dive into mobile, almost exclusively, for holiday and Black Friday deals, a move that follows a positive upswing in mobile conversion rates.

(Author : Brielle Jaekel)


The mass merchant is equipping its application users with a series of features to make their holiday shopping easier such as mobile layaway, in-store pickup, rewards tracking, blue light push notifications and mobile coupons. As in-store continues to remain constant, mobile sales are on the rise, Kmart’s strategy is to weave digital in to offline and online strategies for a better customer experience.

Mobile spirit
This year, Kmart is hoping that consumers will use its app, Web sites and bricks-and-mortar stores will be their go to for holiday shopping. The retailer has brought its Bluelight Specials to its mobile in which users are notified immediately of last minute deals.

The Bluelight Specials were popular at Kmart’s onsite locations in which a blue light would appear to signify that items have spontaneously gone on sale. This experience is now replicated in its mobile app and will be ramped up for the holiday season.

Shoppers will also be treated to coupons, which can be redeemed in store available on the mobile app. Kmart is hoping that more users will also adopt the Shop Your Way rewards platform, which spans multiple retailers and brands, offering significant savings. Users who enable their location will receive deals based on where they are or where they live. Shoppers can also order items on the app to be picked up in store and also put items on layaway. Kmart also uses its mobile app to enable users to order items online and have friends or family pickup them up.

Retailer’s wishes
Many retailers are taking similar approaches to the holiday season this year, by unloading an onslaught of mobile options and sales. If customers want to make the most of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, mobile is the best way for them to get ahead of the pack on what retailers are offering the right deals, and Walmart and Expedia are one of the retailers leading the charge. Both brands are rolling out big holiday deals this year as they head into the biggest shopping season of the year. To capitalize on the hectic holiday, both brands are offering deals exclusive to their mobile app users.

Also, JCPenney promoted its Joy Worth Giving campaign that will span all of the holiday season by offering an exclusive peek at Black Friday deals to users of its mobile app. The move was intended as a perk for loyal customers who use the brand’s loyalty app, giving them a head start on the crowds that will inevitably form on the morning of Black Friday. Black Friday marks the beginning of the holiday season for JCPenney.



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