Carrefour Italia Rolls Out
Pre-Packaged Kits With Essential Goods

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Retailer News

07 April

Carrefour Italia Rolls Out Pre-Packaged Kits With Essential Goods

Carrefour Italia has introduced a new service that provides free home delivery of pre-packaged kits containing essential food and non-food products.


(Author : European Market Magazine)

The service, dubbed as 'Gli Essenziali', is available throughout Italy and allows customers to order the kits online via a dedicated website. The kits are delivered within four days, except islands, and in two days in Milan and Turin.

Pre-Packaged Kits

Gli Essenziali offers six kits containing products such as milk, biscuits, pasta, flour, baby food, diapers, soaps, and detergents. The service offers three food box variants, each priced at €69 and containing enough supplies for two people for one week. All food boxes include basic items such as long-life milk, orange juice, biscuits, coffee, pasta, oil, muffins, honey, rice, cocoa, salt, sugar, tea, chips, toast, jam, tomato purée, olive sauce, chickpeas, Nutella and Coca-Cola.

The 'Vegetariano' box offers asparagus cream, leek and potato cream, barley, porcini and saffron risotto, peas, spelt, corn, pesto, vegetable granular broth, vegetable soup, and sweet and sour peppers. The 'Mare' kit comes with tuna, salmon, mackerel fillets, anchovy fillets, and salads; while 'Terra' includes corned beef, lentils, green beans, classic granular broth, mashed potatoes, black olives, and meat sauce.

Children And Household Hygiene Boxes

The remaining three pre-packaged kits are dedicated to children and personal and household hygiene products.The 'Baby' box, priced at €79, is comprised of diapers, wipes, soap, cream and powdered milk, while the 'Bambino' kit, also priced at €79, includes diapers, wipes, baby food, powdered milk, biscuits, pastries, rice cream and saline.

The 'Cura Casa e Persona' kit available for €59 bundles together shampoos, conditioner, bath foam, toilet paper, kitchen towel rolls, handkerchiefs, and various detergents, detergents and cleaning products for two weeks. For each kit sold, Carrefour will donate €1 to the Italian Civil Defence, the retailer added.




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