Adidas Teases
Fans With An AR Unboxing

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Sales activation

10 April

Adidas Teases Fans With An AR Unboxing

Adidas built an augmented reality feature for its latest shoe drop, which only requires a device with a camera

(Auteur : Leo Lutero)

Adidas is looking to thrill streetwear fans with an augmented reality experience. Instead of requiring special equipment, the Virtual Deerupt campaign works on any device—smartphones, laptops, tablets—that has a camera and a capable browser.

The AR experience marks the launch of the Deerupt shoe, which features a grid design reminiscent of the grids used in 3D mapping. Social media influencers and celebrities were first to have access to the new shoes. They were also first to discover the experience through a QR code on the shoeboxes. Fortunately for the rest of us, the experience is still accessible even if you do not have a QR code.

In the Deerupt VR experience, a simulated Adidas shoebox opens up to reveal its contents. Using the touchscreen or the mouse, the shoe may be viewed and appreciated from all angles. Live feed from the camera serves as the backdrop.

The best part of the experience is that it works with a browser—no apps needed. While it doesn’t exactly have 3D mapping of the camera feed, the three-dimensional floating shoe and ability to rotate, zoom in and zoom out feels like sufficient engagement.

Brands are constantly leveraging AR and VR experiences in order to engage with customers in a new way. However, reach has been a problem, with many AR and VR gear still requiring one-of-a-kind equipment. Downloading apps, while easier and cheaper, is still another bridge an audience must cross to get to content. Most apps still offer limited experiences and end up unused or uninstalled almost as soon as they are used. According to developers of JS for AR, cost-per-install for AR apps is also on the rise.

Augmented reality has also been leveraged by other industries within fashion. L’Oreal and Sephora have both released AR apps that let customers try on their products. Nike has also integrated the technology in some of its stores and uses it for exclusive drops through its SNKRS app.



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