Gucci launches
virtual shopping service Gucci Live

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

08 June

Gucci launches virtual shopping service Gucci Live

Gucci has launched a new virtual shopping service allowing customers to communicate with staff via video call in a first for the luxury sector.

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Gucci Live allows customers to chat with the brands client advisors in real time from a new high tech “remote clienting” store in Florence dubbed Gucci 9. Gucci 9 is essentially a fake store designed especially for customers to shop remotely, complete with bright TV-style lighting and high-quality cameras. While most of Gucci 9’s employees are working remotely, a small number have been called back to begin testing the Gucci Live video shopping service.

The luxury giant is understood to have developed the service over the spring and has tested it in Europe with a small number of employees, and it is now being extended across Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

It is currently only served from Gucci 9’s Florence location, but the brand plans to roll it out across its other five Gucci 9 locations in New York, Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney and Shanghai and dedicate more staff in the coming months.




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