Guerlain Launches
Scent-Inspired Digital Radio App

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

07 January

Guerlain Launches Scent-Inspired Digital Radio App

This French radio station app is an attempt from LVMH's Guerlain to build a new sensory community based on memories of scent

(Author : Rachel Gonzales)

Olfaplay allows users to record nine minute sound bites of their specific scent memories and share them with the rest of the community. These recordings can be shared with the fragrance community created on the Olfaplay app, available in French for both Apple and Android devices, either anonymously or with the creators name attached.

All recordings can be edited before being submitted for approval and the app will come preloaded with scent memories from Guerlain’s own Thierry Wasser, Chef François, and more. These celebrity records will feature their own stories of how certain smells have impacted their lives and serving as templates for the rest of the community recordings.

The intention of this app is to help people share their memories, to get people to connect based on a common smell, and to expand on its perfume finder partnership with Google.



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