Lush Cosmetics Unveiled
Its First "Naked Shop" in Milan, Italy

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

07 June

Lush Cosmetics Unveiled Its First Naked Shop in Milan, Italy

Lush Cosmetics has been a leader in package-free cosmetic products for years now, but until recently, the majority of its stores have offered a mix of both unpackaged and unpackaged solutions to cater to all consumers. 

(Author : Laura McQuarrie)

Now, Lush Cosmetics has unveiled a new sustainable initiative at its flagship store in Milan, which introduces the two-storey location as the first "Lush Naked Shop." 

This store is set to be a model for a future without plastic, offering consumers a place to discover its innovative range of package-free products, participate in events and workshops, attend film screenings and start conversations on sustainability. 

Some of the package-free products that can be found at Lush Cosmetics include solid shampoo bars, solid alternative to shower gels, as well as bath bombs, deodorants and even makeup products.



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