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13 June

Supermarket Tailors Store Experience For Elderly Shoppers

French chain Intermarché is creating a supermarket specifically for older clientele, with in-store services like nutrition advice and assisted shopping that cater directly to their needs

(Author : Mario Valdivieso)

The supermarket conglomerate Intermarché is looking to extend its hand to the senior citizen community by creating a store where the products and service will be customized for an older demographic. The “active senior” store that the brand is calling “Bien Chez Moi” will be the first of its kind to have a number of options and amenities to specifically help the elderly with all of their shopping needs.

Bien Chez Moi is set to open at Intermarché’s shopping gallery in Flers, Normandy, and will take up about 200 square meters of the space. The idea has been in development for a year now, and is poised to offer an older clientele diet advice, cooking lessons and sporting sessions to keep them in shape. Options will also include diet-specific foods and assisted shopping for those who need extra care.

The concept is close to becoming a reality, as the company recently held a workshop where it received feedback on its ideas from local senior citizens. The workshop covered everything from the store logo to the services that the brand is planning to offer. Based on this information, the company looks to finalize its conception and realize an innovative addition to its service, joining the trend around offering niche and tailored shopping experiences for a targeted market.



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