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31 March

McDonald's promotes social distancing

The fast-food chain in Brazil separated its iconic golden arches as a reminder for everyone to keep a safe distance during this time.


(Author : Caroline Jansen)

It's been another weird week in retail. McDonald's Brazil reminded us to socially distance ourselves, Popeyes provided select fans with some in-home entertainment, and Crocs and other brands are giving out shoes to healthcare workers on the front lines.

McDonald's goes the distance

As COVID-19 continues to spread globally, health experts and government officials have encouraged the practice of social distancing to help stem the outbreak. People have adjusted their routines, whether that means working from home or getting together virtually with friends for a happy hour in order to stay inside and safely distance themselves from others.

McDonald's Brazil wanted to do its part to spread the message of staying at least six feet apart. In a Facebook post, the restaurant chain posted a picture of its iconic golden arches, but with a key difference: the arches are separated. 

This wasn't the only public announcement the fast-food chain made about distancing yourself during this time. McDonald's India posted an animation to its Instagram page showing a line of fries keeping a safe distance from each other, with a caption that read, "Stay away from crowds, to prevent the spread of COVID-19. #StaySafe."

For some, the post was a great reminder to be smart and not gather in groups during this period. But for others, the post was seen as hypocritical. One translated comment on the McDonald's Brazil post read, "There's no point in separating the symbol and keep leaving the staff together." While some McDonald's across the world have temporarily shuttered stores entirely, others just closed dining areas with drive-thrus, delivery and take-out options still available. McDonald's responded on Facebook assuring the public that those employees working during this period have "intensified the hygiene and cleaning protocols."

Popeyes wants fans to chill during this time

While most of the world does its part by staying home, we may find ourselves with a little more time on our hands. Maybe it's time to pick up a new hobby or start a new workout plan. Or for the slightly less ambitious, maybe it's time to finally binge all of the shows you've been wanting to watch.

Well, Popeyes is here to help with the latter. The restaurant chain rolled out a new social media campaign that will give out the login information to its Netflix account to select fans. In order for the chance to win the credentials, fans need to post pictures to Twitter of themselves eating Popeyes with the hashtag #ThatPasswordFromPopeyes. Riffing on the phrase "Netflix and Chill," the restaurant dubbed this campaign, which features restaurant employees, "Fried Chicken N Chill." The first 1,000 people to post their photos to Twitter will receive a message from the company with Popeyes' username and password to the streaming service. 

We all know we would've watched hours on hours of streaming services anyway, but now at least our behavior is not only acceptable, but encouraged. Happy binging, everyone.




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