Zappos will help customers
– with anything

Retailer News

Retailer News

07 April

Zappos will help customers – with anything

An online footwear, apparel and accessories retailer will answer literally any question a consumer may have.

(Author : Dan Berthiaume)

Zappos has launched a Customer Service Anything Hotline. The 24/7 phone service allows consumers who call the retailer’s customer service center to select a “help with anything” option. With no purchase required, consumers can discuss topics such as the weather, streaming video selections, or even dream vacation plans with a live customer agent.

In addition, Zappos call center agents will perform tasks such as calling grocery stores in a customer’s area to see if items are in stock or checking to see what local restaurants offer takeout or delivery options. Agents can also recommend mobile apps to help customers deal with the isolation caused by COVID-19 social distancing efforts.

“With the release of the hotline, Zappos aims to provide knowledge, empathy, and comfort for everyone in these times of uncertainty – new times ‘call’ for new solutions,” said a Zappos representative in an emailed statement.




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