Migros Launches
'Social Shopping' Platform Amigos

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

11 April

Migros Launches 'Social Shopping' Platform Amigos

Swiss retailer Migros has launched a new ‘social shopping' platform called Amigos.

(Author : European Market Magazine)

The Uber-style platform connects people who wish to have their purchases delivered with others who don’t mind doing the delivering - for a little extra pocket money. Customers who don’t have the time, inclination or mobility can connect with people who will deliver. The ordering customer will enter their shopping list online, and a push notification will appear on the Amigos app. The ‘bringer’ can take on the request, make the purchases, and bring them personally to the customer. In exchange, the bringer receives CHF 7.90 (€6.70) for the first shopping bag and CHF 2.00 (€1.70) for each additional bag.

The pilot will be launched in the Zurich and Berne cantons. From 6 April, customers could download the app from the Play and Apple stores, and register with a Migros login. Customers can enter their purchases at www.amigos.ch from 23 April.

Social And Interpersonal Aspect

The company said that the social and interpersonal aspect of the endeavour is in the foreground. There is no minimum order value, and Migros doesn’t make a profit off the transaction.

"With this service, we combine today's shopping needs of a digital society with the personal contact between two people," said managing director Fabrice Zumbrunnen.

The company said the Amigos platform reflects the spirit of Migros founder Gottlieb Duttweiler, who believed that 'the common good was as important as business success'.

Source: esmmagazine.com


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