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.weekly retail roundup

By Matthew Valentine

Radical plans for Lakeside shopping centre in Essex might point the way for wider redevelopment at a number of retail locations in the UK.

It feels like an especially complicated time right now for retailers and their relationships with politicians.

Many people are rightly suspicious of the Black Friday offers that have become such a fixture of retailing in recent years.

Ikea may be best known for its big box stores, with their one-way circuit layouts, warehouse exit route, and the option to pause mid-shop for meatballs.

We’ve reached that point in the calendar when we all get to complain about the Christmas ads on the television, and how they seem to arrive earlier every year.

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing - or so many parents are fond of telling their children.

The Prime Minister has been tearing up plans to protect the environment after perceiving that such actions could be popular with voters, some of whom fear that these green policies would cost them money.

Pets at Home has been named the best place to work in the UK’s retail sector, after a survey by digital work platform WorkL.

New figures out this week from the GMB Union put a more human cost on changes that have caused a fundamental reset of the retail economy.

For a department store chain that is most popular with middle class shoppers, John Lewis holds a strange place in the affections of UK shoppers.