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Altavia Watch is the Altavia Group’s media devoted to the retail sector. Altavia Group is the leading international network dedicated to retail marketing services.


Altavia Watch provides news and analysis on the latest trends and innovations in international retail, to enable retail players to anticipate and adapt to current and future transformations in the sector.

Our team.

United Kingdom.

Nick White

Managing director at Altavia HTT

Joe Ward

Managing director at Altagvia HRG

Melanie WIlls

Marketing at Altavia HRG

Glynn Davis


Matthew Valentine



Raphaël Palti

CEO of Altavia

Agnès Rivoal

Publications Director
Lauriane David

Lauriane David

Marketing Manager & Copywriter

Issia Bourel

Graphic Designer

Jean-Marc Mégnin

Retail analysis & shopper insights

Nathan Stern

Sociology & shopper insights
Sarah Gaïsset Altavia Adventures

Sarah Gaïsset

Green retailtech
Ludovic Noël

Ludovic Noël

Host of the Retail Sessions podcast

Laurent Bourgeois

Host of the Digital Sessions podcast

Maya Dujardin


Magali Massa


Arnaud Pagès



Paolo Mamo

CEO of Altavia Italia

Anna Casani

Deputy General Director at Altavia Italia

Marcella Volpe

Communications Director at Altavia Italia

Nicola Mamo

Innovation & retail insights

Giorgio Montolivo

Retail insights & consumer trends

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