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.responsibly inclusive retail

White Stuff is a modern lifestyle brand selling smart casual clothing with a unique and creative style.

The largest store-front in Savile Row in central London is home to a women’s tailoring business that only opened its doors in 2020.

SilkFred solves two problems: ‘I have nothing special to wear’ and ‘I want to start a fashion brand but don’t know how’ in one place.

My role is all about making sure we provide our customers with a brilliant, efficient experience when they visit us.

Founded in 2019, The Deck is a women's-only, made-to-measure tailoring brand located on Savile Row in London.

Michelle D’Vaz-Plant is head of marketing at London Designer Outlet, a Realm centre in Wembley Park.

Bryony Brown, UK marketing manager for Shell Mobility, Shell : I sit on the leadership team for Shell’s UK Mobility business.

Women who have reached senior positions in the retail world are (all too) rare, not to mention invisible, which is why we decided to get to know them better by inviting them to tell us about their career paths, the