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IKEA will pay Roblox players £13.15 or €14.80 per hour to work at its new virtual store, set to launch on June 24 under the name “The Co-Worker.”

The company is currently recruiting restaurant partners with the promise of taking care of business promotion, allowing owners to focus solely on food preparation.

UK shoppers are increasingly relying on retailers' websites over third-party platforms for product information, a study by digital consultancy and software engineering firm Intellias has found.

Morrisons is expanding its Quieter Hours initiative in an effort to accommodate autistic shoppers better.

Regent Street is to be the centre of a major overhaul of the area following the commitment of an increased multi-million investment by the local council.

Department store Harrods continues to add to its roster of high-end in-store restaurants as they attract increasing numbers of shoppers

It appears e-commerce players do not understand their customers’ expectations.