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Selfridges has unveiled its new Beauty Hall after a 12-month multi-million pound overall that highlights the increasing attraction of health & beauty within the retail sector.

Anna Casani, CEO of Altavia Italia, brings a dynamic perspective to the ever-evolving retail sector.

This week is officially Healthy Eating Week in the UK, so a good time for charity The Bread and Butter Thing (TBBT) to launch its latest research on the subject.

Sportswear brand On has teamed up with Verity to revolutionize its warehouse operations using AI and autonomous drones.

IKEA will pay Roblox players £13.15 or €14.80 per hour to work at its new virtual store, set to launch on June 24 under the name “The Co-Worker.”

Walmart Data Ventures has launched Digital Landscapes, a self-service module aimed at uncovering the digital behaviors of Walmart shoppers online.

Zara is set to expand its live shopping concept to Europe and the United States later this year.

Chinese fast fashion giant Shein is set to launch "Shein Exchange," a second-hand clothing resale platform, in France, followed by the UK and Germany.

Does paid social media mean advertisers will have to look to other promotional venues for themselves and their products/services?

After a series of teasers and a crucial Memorandum of Understanding, Chery Automobile has officially returned to Singapore.