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As global warming intensifies, packaging is increasingly viewed as a waste product that should either be eliminated or significantly transformed.

On 26 March, Diamart Group, together with Altavia, hosted the Retail for Good event.

Established retailers are highlighting second-hand goods during the run-up to Christmas with them opening stores selling pre-loved items.

Pioneering luxury goods company Elvis & Kresse continues to increase the amount of waste materials it uses to make its unique belts and bags.

Pioneering multi-charity department store concept The Charity Super.Mkt continues to launch pop-up stores in major shopping centres.

Re-fill stations in stores offering bulk food items and sustainable household products can dramatically reduce waste packaging and have been embraced by many small independents but they have so far failed to gain traction in large retail chains.

On 3 June 2021, the world’s largest store entirely devoted to the Harry Potter saga opened at 935 Broadway, New York.

We have been overconsuming for decades while aware of the consequences on the climate and biodiversity

Uniqlo has announced the roll-out of more of its repair-focused shop-in-shops around the globe.