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London’s mega King’s Cross development is enjoying continued strong post-pandemic sales within its retail and food & drink outlets.

The global beauty industry is predicted to hit $580 billion in retail sales by 2027 as it enjoys growth of 6% per year during this five-year period.

Aldi is rolling out electronic shelf edge labels (ESLs) across its entire estate in a move that will be a first in the UK.

Take-away food delivery company Deliveroo is pushing further into the grocery market through extended partnerships with major supermarkets.

Luxury brand Dior has just begun accepting bookings for its two dedicated wellness carriages on the famous Royal Scotsman train.

Skincare giant L’Oréal,’s recent purchase of Aesop is the latest move within the health & beauty category within Europe that highlights the buoyancy and vigour of this part of the retail market.

Direct to consumer (DTC) retailers were all the rage during the pandemic but many have since fallen back to earth as sales have dropped.

DIY chain B&Q is looking to open small city centre stores as the sector increasingly switches its focus away from the traditional enormous out-of-town superstores.

Spring 2024 will be marked by the arrival of the Printemps department store in New York, at the legendary address One Wall Street.

Quick commerce developed substantially during the health crisis, primarily in urban areas but the phenomenon already seems to be fading out.