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Tesco is to launch an online marketplace offering goods from third-party sellers alongside its own ranges.

Consumers in the UK are predicted to spend £3 billion less across the Christmas period this year but online is likely to enjoy a boost.

High streets in the UK continue to suffer from growing numbers of vacant units from retail closures but it is not all doom and gloom

Subscriptions were all the rage during the pandemic but the demand for such recurring-revenue products has fallen back.

Retailers have been moving towards delivering increasingly frictionless experiences to customers in their stores including the first cashier-less shops but such strategies are potentially being setback by the rising levels of shoplifting and other crimes.

The announcement by WH Smith that it will not open any more high street stores dealt further blows to the state of the physical retail landscape.

British luxury brand Burberry has reopened its flagship store in London with a new look minimalistic design

Cycle and car parts retailer Halfords is still suffering from comparing its current trading with 2020 when the UK population took to cycling during the pandemic period.

Shoe sales are predicted to grow 3.9% annually to 2027 in the UK and this positive trajectory has helped revenues at Dr Martens break the £1 billion threshold.

London’s mega King’s Cross development is enjoying continued strong post-pandemic sales within its retail and food & drink outlets.