Morrisons Expands Quiet Hours to Support Autistic Shoppers.

Morrisons étend ses Heures Tranquilles pour l’inclusion des personnes autistes.

Morrisons is expanding its Quieter Hours initiative to include 2 – 3pm from Monday to Thursday, alongside the original weekend slot, in an effort to accommodate autistic shoppers better. 

Introduced in 2018, Quieter Hour features reduced lighting, silenced tannoys and music, minimized trolley and basket movement, and softer checkout beeps, aiming to offer a more comfortable shopping environment for individuals with autism. 

This extension aligns with World Autism Acceptance Week, demonstrating Morrisons’ commitment to inclusivity. In a statement reported by Retail Gazette, Charlotte Exell, Morrisons’ business sponsor of ability, emphasizes “the importance of adapting the shopping experience to support customers who find the usual store noises overwhelming”.


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