UK shoppers favor retailers’ websites over marketplaces for product information, Intellias study finds.

UK shoppers are increasingly relying on retailers’ websites over third-party platforms for product information, a study by digital consultancy and software engineering firm Intellias has found. The survey, which involved over 1,000 UK consumers, revealed that 72% prefer using retailers’ own websites for product details when making purchases, significantly higher than the 15% who turn to marketplaces.

Interestingly, 54% of consumers trust social media for product information, with Facebook leading at 15%, followed by Instagram at 12%. The reliance on user-generated content, like customer ratings and reviews, also plays a crucial role for a quarter of the shoppers.

A notable shift is seen in consumer values, with 38% now demanding access to sustainability information on products. This demand is pushing the adoption of Digital Product Passports (DPPs), set to be implemented across the EU by 2030. DPPs aim to provide comprehensive lifecycle data on products, from manufacturing to recyclability, via scannable QR or barcodes.

Fashion retailers such as Nobody’s Child are already piloting projects to align with upcoming regulations by allowing customers to trace the lifecycle of clothing items from design to production. Alexander Goncharuk, Vice President of Global Retail at Intellias, emphasizes that DPPs will enhance transparency and authenticity in shopping, aligning with the growing environmental and ethical consumer consciousness.


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