Iceland Created
an In-Store Holiday Ice Rink Concept

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

11 December

Iceland Created an In-Store Holiday Ice Rink Concept

For many people, visiting a holiday ice rink is a favorite seasonal tradition—and this year, supermarket chain Iceland created a fun concept called 'Shopping on Ice.' 

(Author : Laura McQuarrie)

One of Iceland's locations in London has been transformed into a giant ice rink, complete with synthetic ice and skates for shoppers to strap on their feet.

Grocery shopping during the holidays can be a stressful experience but Skating on Ice has the potential to transform an unenjoyable experience into a fun-filled event for the whole family. To enhance the experience all the more, Iceland invited professional skaters to perform for shoppers, creating an unforgettable and unexpected event among familiar grocery store aisles. 

While Shopping on Ice has only been tested at one location to maximize the fun of Christmas shopping, Iceland may expand the test rink to more locations next season.



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