Galeries Lafayette Shanghai
opens with three-week long festival

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

31 October

Galeries Lafayette Shanghai opens with three-week long festival

Galeries Lafayette Shanghai is mid-way through a three-week long opening celebration featuring art, technology, European brands and celebrities. 

(Author : Robert Stockdill)

After a high-profile opening ceremony, the new store at L+Mall in the Pudong financial district is now hosting a campaign titled Let’s Celebrate Fashion featuring a rolling program of events, limited-edition collaborations and exclusive products. A spokesperson for Galeries Lafayette’s China partner I.T Group described the new store as “a piece of the romantic Paris grafted onto the modern cityscape of Shanghai … with quintessential Parisian style”.

“The store stands out with the chic setting of a Parisian street, where customers soak up the immersive lifestyle of the City of Light as they saunter through consignment stores, alongside landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and street-side bistros.” Galeries Lafayette Shanghai features ornamental patterns designed by French graffiti artist André Saraiva which boost the dramatic setting of the space. Saraiva’s motifs include the Eiffel Tower and a French bistro. 

Galeries Lafayette Shanghai has also collaborated with French fashion house Paco Rabanne as official partner for the opening. In an immersive, experiential journey, visitors can pose for photos in an interactive snapshot booth and share them on social media. 

A Creative Theme Park co-presented with Ryodan by Seiya Nakamura 2.24 Inc is another opening feature. Inspired by traditional children playgrounds in Paris, the pop-up exhibition draws together eight emerging designers, who were given creative carte blanche in their own renditions of current fashion trends. Brands participating in the theme park include Fumito Ganryu, We11Done, Random Identities by Stefano Pilati, Namacheko, Stefan Cooke, Koche, Feng Chen Wang and Mame Kurogouchi.

To mark the 120th anniversary of Galeries Lafayette, the Shanghai store features a recreation of the glass walk and Art Deco dome of the Paris store where visitors can take selfies with Parisian landmarks. Galeries Lafayette Shanghai is open daily from 10am to 10pm at L+Mall, 899 Pudong South Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai.



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