Zappos Launches
Socially Conscious Brand Platform, Goods for Good

Shopper Experience

Shopper Experience

15 November

Zappos Launches Socially Conscious Brand Platform, Goods for Good

Zappos has created a new platform for customers who are looking for purpose-driven products, the shoe and clothing retailer announced in a press release Tuesday. 

(Author : Ashley Chiaradio)

The platform, Goods for Good, is a curated experience that features items from over 150 brands, all of which promote meaningful causes, and categorizes the products in five categories: recycled, organic, sustainably certified, vegan, and give back.

The platform showcases the featured brands’ purpose and missions, allowing shoppers to easily make informed purchases. Two examples of brands Zappos included on the platform are Native Shoes, which upcycles its shoes into playground equipment, and Veja, which makes sneakers with sustainable leather, Footwear News reported.

Steve Bautista, head of charitable giving at Zappos, explained to Footwear News that the company knows its customers are passionate about investing in products that contribute to a greater good, and Zappos wants to give those customers the best shopping experience possible.

More people, especially younger demographics, are trying to be sustainable in all aspects of their lives, including where they shop and what they buy. By launching its Goods for Good platform, Zappos is showing consumers it's serious about being socially conscious and leaning in to the interests of its customers. While a lot of shoppers may have already been filtering products on based on brands that aligned with their beliefs, the retailer has made it easier for them with this platform, further enhancing its commitment to being socially conscious.



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