Aesop debuts chic two-level store in Hong Kong’s fashion walk.

Melbourne-based skincare brand Aesop has expanded its presence in Hong Kong by opening a new two-level store at Fashion Walk in Causeway Bay, a hub for premium and high-end shopping. This latest addition marks Aesop’s continued investment in luxury retail spaces across Hong Kong’s prestigious locations. 

Collaborating with local architecture firm MLKK Studio, the store features unique interior elements inspired by the city’s history. The design includes repurposed cloudy pattern board floors—a common material in local homes during the 1970s and 1980s—and walls and a vaulted ceiling painted in a tranquil soft blue. 

The store’s layout is highlighted by a grand counter with basins, vintage Czech glass chandelier, and specialized consultation areas, blending modern aesthetics with nostalgic touches. This strategic expansion showcases Aesop’s commitment to bringing its comprehensive range of products closer to Hong Kong’s cosmopolitan consumers.


See images of the shop on the Retail Design Blog for a closer look.


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