Spain: ASEDAS partners with Organic Food Iberia to revolutionize sustainability in food retail.

The Spanish Association of Distributors, Self-service Stores, and Supermarkets (ASEDAS) has allied with Organic Food and Eco Living Iberia in a major initiative aimed at boosting sustainable practices within the food sector. This partnership highlights a shared commitment to fostering a sustainable future, emphasizing eco-friendly products and organic farming.

ASEDAS is a major player in Spain’s food distribution network, boasting 327,600 employees and over 19,200 retail outlets plus 495 wholesalers. Their vast resources and industry prowess combine with the eco-centric vision of Organic Food and Eco Living Iberia to drive significant environmental and societal benefits.

The collaboration aims to minimize environmental impacts and improve the availability of green products, marking a critical step towards sustainability in the industry. As global demand for ethical products grows, this partnership sets a benchmark, championing sustainability as both a practice and a lifestyle for the future.


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