KINRADEN unveils first concept store in Copenhagen, fusing jewelry with local art and design.

Sustainable Danish jewellery brand KINRADEN celebrated the grand opening of its first standalone store on May 1st in Copenhagen’s lively Møntergade neighborhood. 

This new space is more than just a store; it’s an immersive concept designed to encapsulate the entire KINRADEN universe, offering a hub for creativity and curiosity. The store will regularly host events that bring together local artists and the wider community, promoting collaboration across various creative industries.

The store’s design, crafted in collaboration with Archival Studios, creates a welcoming space for lovers of design, architecture, and art.

In partnership with Art Advisor Caroline Bøge and the 2112 gallery, KINRADEN will also feature works by Danish contemporary artists like Gun Gordillo, underscoring the founder’s commitment to supporting emerging talents in Copenhagen’s vibrant art scene.

See images of the shop on Retail Focus for a closer look.


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