Tesco introduces AI-Powered ‘Clubcard Challenges’ to personalise shopping rewards.

Tesco is launching an innovative initiative using AI to enhance its Clubcard loyalty program, promising to make shopping more rewarding for up to three million members. 

Starting May 20, 2024, for a duration of six weeks, the UK supermarket chain will offer personalised purchasing challenges through a partnership with EagleAI. 

Clubcard holders can select from 20 tailored challenges, such as spending £20 on summer BBQ products or £10 on plant-based meals. 

Participants can choose any 10 challenges to complete, earning up to £50 in Clubcard points, effectively doubling to £100 when spent with Tesco’s reward partners.

This move builds on the success of last year’s 289 million personalised coupons, which significantly increased redemption rates, underscoring Tesco’s commitment to hyper-personalization and enhanced customer engagement.


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