Zara to launch live shopping in Europe and the US.


Zara is set to expand its live shopping concept to Europe and the United States later this year. Inspired by its success in China, the fast-fashion giant aims to boost online sales with this innovative approach. Since November, Zara has hosted weekly five-hour live shopping shows via Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, significantly increasing e-commerce sales.

Zara’s live broadcasts feature models showcasing dresses, shoes, and jewellery, alongside catwalk footage and behind-the-scenes glimpses. Unlike typical hard-sell livestreams, Zara’s shows adopt a more relaxed style, attracting an average of 800,000 viewers and enhancing brand awareness.

A Zara spokesperson told Reuters, “We want to take this to Western countries, where livestreaming is not as popular… from an entertainment perspective, this is like an evolution.” The European and US shows will stream on Zara’s app and website, starting between August and October.