Mitsubishi’s U.S. Comeback strategy: expansion and innovation.

Mitsubishi's U.S. Comeback strategy: expansion and innovation.

Mitsubishi Motors is set to revitalize its presence in the U.S. market after years of limited consumer interest and a mere 0.6% market share last year. By 2030, the automaker plans to double its lineup from four to eight models, including a new plug-in hybrid crossover, a sporty passenger van, and an electric vehicle, developed in collaboration with Nissan.

To boost accessibility, Mitsubishi aims to expand its dealership network from 330 to over 50% market coverage by decade’s end. New retail strategies include showroom-only stores in high-traffic areas and compact sales and service concepts for suburban regions.

CEO emphasizes these efforts are part of a broader strategy to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and consumer engagement, acknowledging that product quality will be key to success.

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