Ebay enhances mobile app with advanced product research tool.

Ebay has upgraded its mobile app functionality, now enabling sellers to harness data insights from three years of prior sales via the newly integrated Product Research tool. Initially available only on desktops under the name Terapeak, this tool is now accessible on both iOS and Android devices, offering a comprehensive look into past transaction details.

Sellers using the app can delve into various data points, such as actual sold prices—including those from “Best Offer” listings—as well as the average sold price and range for specific items. The tool also provides insights into the number of sellers who have sold a particular product, the percentage of listings that included free shipping, and the average shipping costs associated with these sales.

The app allows users to efficiently search, sort, filter, and examine this wealth of data. It includes a handy “Sell one like this” feature, which simplifies starting a new listing by populating it with data from a similar sold item, which sellers can then customize.

Ebay has announced plans for future updates to the Product Research tool, which will expand its capabilities to include sell-through rates, additional trend graphs, and a feature to view active listings. This enhancement is especially beneficial on a peer-to-peer platform like Ebay, where listing unique, secondhand items can be more complex, thereby helping to lower barriers for individual sellers.


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