Hermès Blends Luxury with Malaysian Culture in Revamped Kuala Lumpur Store.

Hermès fusionne luxe et culture malaise dans sa boutique réinventée de Kuala Lumpur.

Nearly ten years since its inception in The Gardens Mall, Kuala Lumpur, Hermès has impressively expanded and revamped its store, now showcasing all sixteen of its métiers. 

This newly designed space on the ground floor is a testament to both luxury and cultural homage, featuring interior designs that beautifully incorporate elements of Malay culture. 

From the glass façade adorned with bamboo and cane Wayang kulit-inspired installations to flooring and partitions echoing traditional Malaysian architecture, the store is a fusion of French luxury and local heritage. 

The interior also introduces bamboo marquetry in the Grècques lighting and the Faubourg mosaic, a first for Hermès. 

Shoppers can explore everything from Hermès’ famous silk collections to homeware, with each section enriched with Malay cultural accents like pixelated batik prints and raw silk panelling. Art from the Émile Hermès collection adds a contemporary touch, bridging luxury fashion with Malaysian tradition.


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