Reebok unveils AI-powered digital sneaker customization in the metaverse.

Reebok has introduced “Reebok Impact,” a pioneering AI tool available through Instagram chat, designed to blend personal memories with custom digital sneaker design. This innovation arises from Reebok’s collaboration with Futureverse, aiming to explore and expand into Web3 experiences. 

Unlike typical metaverse marketing strategies that push pre-designed branded merchandise, Reebok Impact allows users to create personalized footwear incorporating sentimental photo memories, truly connecting the ‘soul to the sole.’

This unique offering lets users design up to four digital sneakers for free, based on one of three classic Reebok models: the iconic Pump, Classic Leather, or Club C. These custom shoes can then be integrated into popular gaming platforms like Roblox and Fortnite, which are leaders in the virtual cosmetic space. 

The service will also be compatible with new game releases, including a forthcoming massively multiplayer online battle royale game from the creators of “Ready Player One.”

Reebok Impact not only caters to the digital fashion demands of today’s sneakerheads but also hints at real-world benefits, as it includes incentives for physical sneaker purchases within the digital experience. 

This initiative represents a significant step in Reebok’s ongoing push to remain at the forefront of AI, Web3, and blockchain-based gaming innovations, reinforcing the brand’s commitment to revolutionizing the digital fashion landscape. 


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